Monday, May 25, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Memories

This weekend the local comic con took place. As a kid I loved comics and went to a few local shows and a horror convention in the '80s. Unbelievably, back then you didn't need to pay for autographs and the people I met were all unbelievably kind. The pics below are of unused autographed TMNT covers from a signing at a comic shop. This was obviously before the Turtles blew up in the mainstream. Tuning into watch the TMNT cartoon as a teenage fan of the original comics was my first lesson on how things will usually disappoint when Hollywood and big money get involved. 

I don't understand the current celebrity autograph culture that conventions have turned into. I'm just thankful for my experiences as a kid and that Tom Savini didn't fleece me for all my paper route money.

Apologies for the crappy resolution but my good camera is having issues.

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