Saturday, April 2, 2016

Godzilla (2014) 5 Disc Japanese boxset and S.H. Monster Arts figure

1-Feature in 3D (Region A)
2-Feature on blu-ray. The menus are animated and aesthetically vastly superior to the U.S. Warner bluray(Region A)
3-Feature on DVD (Region 2)
4-Special features for Godzilla(2014), includes the same featurettes as the extras on the Warner blu ray.(Region A)
5-Special features(Region A):-U.S. trailers
 -Japanese trailers & tv spots
 -13min of Japanese promotional stuff. Sides of buildings plastered with Godzilla 2014 ads. Tokyo red carpet footage. The giant Godzilla(2014) bust in the park.
 -2hr 40min program that covers all Godzilla films. Each film gets about 3 minutes with a female voiceover(in Japanese) along with music from the movie while stills and behind the scenes footage plays. There's also interviews with cast and crew interspersed throughout.
 -2D and 3D versions of MONSTER PLANET OF GODZILLA, a short film that was used in an amusement ride at Sanrio Land (or Hello Kitty Amusement park if you like....)
 -Gallery of all the theatrical Japanese Godzilla posters, that allows for a zoom to the top and bottom halves of the posters
 -Interview with Akira Takarada
 -Gallery of the Japanese theater program/pamphlet for Godzilla(2014)

S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla (2014) w/Poster design paint scheme

Booklet that includes an array of promotional art for the film

Grabbed this for 7400yen and it was a steal. Please note the extras that are in Japanese have NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES. The menus are also all in Japanese. There is a Japanese dub track. I watched GODZILLA(2014) in Japanese and the audio was out of synch with the actors mouths. (^_^)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Japanese Blu-Ray Haul and Quick review

MIGHTY PEKING MAN on Japanese blu-ray has a nifty booklet with some production art. On the disc is an  hour long program on the making of the film with the Japanese FX crew that worked on the film. There's some cool behind the scenes footage featuring what appears to be an alternate version of the Peking Man design.
Also included is a vintage trailer that features Evelyne Kraft topless in a shot that does not appear in the film.
The film looks great in HD, downside: NO ENGLISH SUBS and NO ENGLISH LANGUAGE DUB

So the Paramount release of this on DVD is cut pretty badly. I grabbed this Japanese blu-ray for 1000yen(approx 10USD) used and it was well worth it. The package says 1080i HD, but it's an improvement over the DVD and it's nearly UNCUT. With some fast checking it appears it's a lot more complete that the US release but not as complete as the rare German DVD that has a few extra seconds of gore. This disc is good for those without a region free blu-ray player and it's cheaper than the recent UK region B release.

This release can be had for about $15. It appears to be identical to the the Studio Canal European release of the film. If you chose Japanese when the disc first boots up you will have access to deleted scenes(SD) and a making of featurette(SD).

Haven't had a chance to watch this but the picture did look decent. For $15 I took the chance on a blind buy.