Saturday, April 2, 2016

Godzilla (2014) 5 Disc Japanese boxset and S.H. Monster Arts figure

1-Feature in 3D (Region A)
2-Feature on blu-ray. The menus are animated and aesthetically vastly superior to the U.S. Warner bluray(Region A)
3-Feature on DVD (Region 2)
4-Special features for Godzilla(2014), includes the same featurettes as the extras on the Warner blu ray.(Region A)
5-Special features(Region A):-U.S. trailers
 -Japanese trailers & tv spots
 -13min of Japanese promotional stuff. Sides of buildings plastered with Godzilla 2014 ads. Tokyo red carpet footage. The giant Godzilla(2014) bust in the park.
 -2hr 40min program that covers all Godzilla films. Each film gets about 3 minutes with a female voiceover(in Japanese) along with music from the movie while stills and behind the scenes footage plays. There's also interviews with cast and crew interspersed throughout.
 -2D and 3D versions of MONSTER PLANET OF GODZILLA, a short film that was used in an amusement ride at Sanrio Land (or Hello Kitty Amusement park if you like....)
 -Gallery of all the theatrical Japanese Godzilla posters, that allows for a zoom to the top and bottom halves of the posters
 -Interview with Akira Takarada
 -Gallery of the Japanese theater program/pamphlet for Godzilla(2014)

S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla (2014) w/Poster design paint scheme

Booklet that includes an array of promotional art for the film

Grabbed this for 7400yen and it was a steal. Please note the extras that are in Japanese have NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES. The menus are also all in Japanese. There is a Japanese dub track. I watched GODZILLA(2014) in Japanese and the audio was out of synch with the actors mouths. (^_^)