Saturday, June 8, 2013

Japanese 6-disc"Grindhouse"(2007) DVD boxset.

This film wasn't anyone's shining hour, except maybe Rob Zombie's. Won't bore you with my love(the concept)/hate(the faux nostalgia genre it started) relationship with the film. 

 In the USA "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof" were released as a single film entitled "Grindhouse" with fake vintage trailers sprinkled between the films. Most countries got the films released separately, which is some typical Weinstein bullshit. In an even bigger bullshit move, the film was split in two, with each title being released separately and re-cut for DVD and Blu-ray releases in the States without the phony trailers. The Japanese set has 6 discs. The longer, stand alone cuts of each film get a disc and their own "making of" discs. The American theatrical experience of "Grindhouse" is presented intact with trailers and the original, shorter cuts of the features. Not sure what's on the Grindhouse SIDE B JAPAN SPECIAL DISC...anyway here's the beautiful Japanese Region 2 set.  My crappy pics don't do it justice.