Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tokyo Theater Memories

Just found out a few very cool Tokyo movie theaters have closed. Two were in Asakusa, on a block that house 4 or 5 theaters in a row. One of the closed theaters showed newish foreign action movies. It's defunct sister theater showed Japanese films from the '60s to the mid '80s. Lots of samurai and yakuza fare. If the translation was correct these theaters have been around since the mid-1940s. Sadly, I always seemed to miss a Female Prisoner Scorpion or Lone Wolf and Cub movie by a few days on my travels to Tokyo.  

Theater-N in Shibuya also closed it's doors recently. I saw The Descent 2 there a few years back. It was a nice, decent sized theater with programing that seemed to cater to the arthouse and "cult" movie crowd. 

Here are some pics of the theater displays in Asakusa.